New Single Corona You Got Me (feat. W.A.Y) release date 4/10/20

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About Norel

Corona You Got Me

Fun, lighthearted Afropop track, not meant to be taken too seriously. It's a funny song that's lowkey a bop and perfectly describes how we all feel about the coronavirus..


"Contact", the first single by the young, up-and-coming artist Norel. Inspired by the work of her father, Steve Salem, and his legacy in the music industry, her uptempo single is the latest success from the hit-making producers, Full Force.

Roxanne's Response

The response record to Arizona’s Roxanne was written by Norel Salem and produced by Full Force. The idea was brought on by U.T.F.O’s original song “Roxanne” provoking so many response records. Norel’s version gives the female perspective of who Roxanne is. She talks about how she makes her own money

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Roxanne's (AKA Norel) Reply to Arizona Vargas

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